Welducation Simulator

Learning to weld made easy

Alongside the associated Welducation Campus platform, the Welducation Simulator offers trainees and trainers a complete teaching concept consisting of theoretical content and virtual training units with the simulator.

The Advantages of the Welducation Simulator

Training and theory

The combination of theory and virtual training lets training participants consolidate their knowledge while also developing their practical skills. They can apply the concepts they have learned on the spot in the simulation, try out different welding techniques, and see the effects they have on the virtual workpiece.

More realistic than ever

Using AR technology, actual welding torches, and the housing of a real welding system creates a real-world welding simulation. Training participants also practice preparing for the actual welding process and the tasks between welding on the new simulator (checking the gas supply, attaching return lead cables, setting welding parameters, removing slag, etc.).

Safe and risk-free

The safety risk due to the hot arc, UV radiation, and welding fume is significantly higher for beginners during welding than in other professions. Virtual training completely eliminates this risk.

Cost-saving and sustainable

The Welducation Simulator enables resource-conserving training by saving expensive consumables such as materials for workpieces, wire, and shielding gas. In addition to protecting the environment, this also cuts costs.

Teaching Concept

Virtual training

Training is completed without safety risks, with original welding torches and hosepacks, typical workpieces, and adjustable welding parameters. Creating the perfect weld is not the only focus. The tasks prior to, between, and after welding also need to be completed, just as they would in real life. Examples of these tasks include attaching the return lead cable, setting the correct welding parameters, and cleaning and touching up the weld.


The theoretical content on the Welducation Campus platform corresponds to a curriculum covering the latest methods. All results and learning progress are managed in this comprehensive training tool. In addition to the existing learning material, trainers have the option to create customized curricula and courses in order to adapt the training to the target group.

Step by step to a professional level

Trainees can use the Welducation Simulator to practice all three process variants (manual arc welding, MIG/MAG, and TIG).

Extensive weld analysis options help training participants improve their technique and identify mistakes by letting them continually track their progress. Welding can be recorded and replayed at any time via the Welducation Campus, meaning the trainee’s own welding performance can be closely analyzed against the optimal target.

Welding positions

Each welding task requires different techniques and manual skills, so learning different welding positions is an essential part of welding training.

Participants can train with a wide variety of workpieces, which they can attach in various positions on the stand included in the scope of supply. A large stand is also available to provide even more variation. Whether an overhead fillet weld or a single-V butt weld, participants can train on nearly any welding position.

Welducation Campus

Fast way of training skilled workers

The Welducation Simulator provides a fast way of training skilled workers by combining practical training units with theoretical content on the Welducation Campus platform.

This carefully designed training system takes the pressure off especially in times of skills shortages. Trainees can acquire knowledge and skills on their own with the help of theoretical content and prepared courses rather than requiring continual guidance from trainers.

The course overview on the Campus platform offers trainers a summary of trainees’ performance. They can see how many times the participants have practiced welding in the virtual space and whether the individual processes were successfully completed or not.