Push systems

Easy to assemble, cost-effective and robust

The Push system is characterised by its easy handling and minimal maintenance requirements. This system is usually used for standard applications (e.g. CrNi and steel) where consistent quality and high system availability are a must. The assistance systems of the LSC and PMC processes achieve outstanding welding results.

The applications

The focus here lies on higher levels of productivity, as high speeds with constant penetration and consistent quality are achieved.

Compatibility with robots

The TPS/i communicates quickly and easily with robots from various manufacturers. Quick integration of the welding system through robot-specific attachments.

Retrofitting: Manual robotics

Converting a manual power source into a robot power source is achieved quickly and easily by installing a robot interface, which enables the robot control and the TPS/i to communicate with each other. All of the common standard interfaces may be used.

Magnetic Crashbox

The refined CrashBox dramatically reduces the load on the torch body in the event of a collision. This minimises the force impact of the load immediately following the collision, preventing damage to the torch body and drive unit. The extremely high reset accuracy (+/- 0.05 mm) allows production to be quickly resumed.