Overview of robot welding torches

Your complete solution with Fronius robot welding torches

We have a solution for everything: Fronius robot welding torches are designed to cover a broad range of applications. With a choice of torch bodies in various lengths and angles, you’ll be properly equipped to master any welding task – your challenge, your choice.

A smooth welding operation, optimized process lead times, wear parts with longer service lives – no problem at all if you have the right welding torch for every application and the essential peripherals, such as torch cleaning systems and changing systems for contact tips and torch bodies.

Cleaning systems

You’ve got the cleaning requirement – We’ve got the solution!

When correctly cleaned, the service life of a torch’s wear parts can be increased by a factor of four. Depending on the welding material and application, we provide cleaning systems that are suitable for the relevant welding torches and wear parts. For steel or aluminum applications, for example, various cleaning methods, such as cutting, brushing, or magnetic cleaning, are available.